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How much does it cost to ship a car to / from North Carolina?

Ship your vehicle with the top-rated and most reliable auto transport company in North Carolina.

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See Current North Carolina Auto Transport Rates

*We DO NOT sell your information to ANY 3rd parties*

North Carolina Car Shipping Tutorial: How to Ship a Car with Ease

North Carolina, a state with a diverse economy and rich cultural heritage, plays a crucial role in the vehicle shipping landscape. Home to major corporations such as Bank of America and Duke Energy, the demand for reliable car shipping services is consistently high. With world-class healthcare institutions like Duke University Hospital attracting travel nurses, and prestigious colleges like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shaping the minds of future leaders, there’s a constant need for efficient vehicle transport.

Military personnel stationed at bases such as Fort Bragg and individuals participating in high-profile auctions like the Raleigh Classic Car Auction contribute to the dynamic vehicle shipping scene. Explore how Send It Car Shippers fits into North Carolina’s unique automotive landscape, ensuring top-notch service for military, college students, private sellers, dealerships, auctions, seniors, travel nurses, and job relocations.

Who We Serve


At Send It Car Shippers, we proudly serve our nation’s heroes by providing reliable and efficient car shipping services for military personnel in North Carolina. Whether you’re being deployed or relocating to a new base, our dedicated team ensures a smooth and secure vehicle transport process. Trust us to send your car with the care and precision it deserves, making your move stress-free.

College Students

Heading to college and need to send your car to North Carolina? Look no further. Send It Car Shippers caters to college students, offering affordable and convenient vehicle shipping services. Whether you’re a freshman or a graduating senior, we make sure your car arrives safely, allowing you to focus on your academic journey without worrying about transportation hassles.

Private Sellers

Selling your car and need to send it to the buyer in North Carolina? Choose Send It Car Shippers for a hassle-free and secure car shipping experience. Our reliable services cater to private sellers, ensuring that the vehicle reaches its new owner promptly and in pristine condition. Trust us to handle the logistics, making the process seamless for both you and the buyer.


Car dealerships in North Carolina can rely on Send It Car Shippers for efficient and professional vehicle transport services. Whether you’re sending cars to customers or transporting inventory between dealerships, our dedicated team ensures timely and secure deliveries. Count on us to send your vehicles with precision, meeting the high standards of dealership professionalism.


Participating in a car auction in North Carolina and need reliable transportation for your purchases? Send It Car Shippers specializes in sending vehicles from auctions to your desired location. With our expertise, you can bid with confidence, knowing that we’ll handle the logistics of sending your auctioned cars securely and efficiently.


For seniors in North Carolina looking to relocate or send their vehicles to loved ones, Send It Car Shippers provides a caring and reliable solution. Our experienced team understands the unique needs of seniors, ensuring a smooth and stress-free car shipping experience. Trust us to send your vehicle with the attention and care it deserves, making the process comfortable and convenient for you.

Travel Nurses

For travel nurses seeking a trustworthy car shipping solution in North Carolina, Send It Car Shippers is your go-to partner. Whether you’re moving to a new assignment or returning home, our dedicated service ensures your vehicle arrives safely and on time. Let us take care of sending your car while you focus on providing excellent healthcare wherever you go.

Job Relocation

Embarking on a career move to or from North Carolina? Our car shipping services are tailored to accommodate job relocations, ensuring that your vehicle reaches its destination seamlessly. Count on Send It Car Shippers to handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on your new professional endeavor while we take care of sending your car with precision and reliability.


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Common Questions that customers have when shipping a car to or from North Carolina

If you are looking to save money when shipping your car, the best option is to go with an open trailer auto transport. This can save you hundreds of dollars when shipping a vehicle. Another tip to find the lowest cost car shipping is to keep your ship dates flexible. SEND IT CAR SHIPPERS is your best bet in finding the best price without compromising safety and security. 

SEND IT CAR SHIPPERS ships much more than cars! We can handle coupes, sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, vans (cargo, passenger, or mini), ATVs, electric vehicles (EVs), motorcycles, UTVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, jetskis, food trucks, work trucks, sprinters, and more!

When transporting a vehicle with Send It Car Shippers, your vehicle will be fully insurede. We work with a massive network of independent truck drivers and carrier companies. Before assigning a driver to every order, we conduct a thorough background check to confirm that:

  1. The driver’s insurance is valid and active.
  2. Their safety record meets our top tier standards.
  3. They don’t have any negative reviews internally or on any industry dispatch boards.

It is important to point out that our services do not include insurance for personal items while shipping a car cross country. That being said, some drivers will agree to it (at your own risk). If the items are over 100 pounds, there may be an additional fee. If you would still like to place personal items in your vehicle, please let us know when one of our friendly agents is assigned to your order.

How much does it cost to ship a car to / from North Carolina?

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