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New Customer Script / QuickFill Form

What's your name?(Required)

My name is _____. I can help you with that.

Okay, great. Have you shipped a vehicle with us before?

Are you familiar with the process at all? (not familiar = I can walk you through the process

First and foremost, all of our transports are fully insured, with a 21-point inspection at both pick up and delivery. We do offer door to door service in most areas, and are fully licensed and bonded by the FMCSA.

What kind of vehicle are we shipping?

MM slash DD slash YYYY
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PU Address
DEL Address

Okay so now we will take a look at what similar shipments have gone for recently.

This will be a range of prices, so I will give you a rough estimate, and if that is within your budget, we can go from there.

The next step is for us to notify all the drivers that will be in that area. We have a network of over 15 thousand carriers that we work with.

Any drivers in the area that have space on their trailer will respond with when they can pick up, when they can deliver, and for how much.

Sometimes they accept it at our starting price, sometimes they ask for more, and If there are a high amount of drivers in that area, we can negotiate them down. We start from the low end and try to get you the best price.

Since the market is always changing, we actually don't require any down payment until we find a driver that works for your schedule and budget.

I'm going to go ahead and begin reaching out to available drivers.

As we begin to receive offers from carriers, I will reach out to you with the offers that we have, and once we decide on the right one for you, we will collect a small down payment to secure your spot on the trailer. The rest will be paid to the driver, in cash, upon delivery.

What is the best way to reach out to you with available drivers? Keep in mind ... if we find a good deal, we want to book them quick so we don't lose the spot.

Last but not least, I just need to send over our terms and conditions for you to look over and sign.

This lays out all the details of the process and gives us the green light to begin looking for a carrier for you. It doesn't commit you to anything until we actually secure the carrier and dispatch the order.

What's the best email to send this over to?

Great I will get that over to you, and you will be hearing from me with all the available offers soon!

Just a heads up, typically carrier's schedules are confirmed within a week of the pick up date. It is rare that they will book a load too far in advance due to schedule changes, gas prices, etc. So you will most likely hear from me around _______.

Do you have any other questions about the process?

If you have any questions or if anything changes on your side, feel free to reach out via call, text, or email.

Talk to you soon!